July 31, 2017

• knowing yourself
is the beginning
of all
wisdom •

Love, love, love this amazing Kylee girl! She is such an amazing woman, friend, and photographer!

July 26, 2017

• she knew

she loved him

when "home"

went from

being a place

to being

a person •

~ e. leventhal

July 24, 2017

• i still haven't

figured out how

to sit across from you,

and not be madly in love,

with everything

you do •

~william c. hannan

July 24, 2017

• she •

“My dear, what was the greatest loss you ever endured?”

“She... She was...”

“She? Your mother? Your daughter? Your closest friend?”

“No... She... ME...”

“What do you mean, dear? You are still here, sitting right in front of me.”

“Though, those all hurt an...

July 7, 2017

• oh sweet adventurer

please last forever

and keep my heart wild too •

~ ava

These two <3

July 6, 2017

• and one day

she discovered that

she was fierce

and strong

and full of fire

and that not even

she could hold herself back

because her passion

burned brighter

than her fears •

~ mark anthony

I love this woman and look up to her so much. Nancy is one of my closest friends and grea...

July 1, 2017

• i choose you

and i'll choose you

over and over

and over

without a pause

without a doubt

in a heartbeat

i'll keep choosing

you •

Love is such beautiful thing. I was so happy to document these two high school sweetheart's precious day <3

July 1, 2017

Who doesn't love some fun quality time at a summer fair?!?! It was sooooooo fun playing with this family at Strawberry Days!

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