January 22, 2018

This small town, intimate Wedding was so sweet! Chantelle and Ty wanted to get married at Ty's grandparent's restaurant, which is where he first met Chantelle! It was such a beautiful day. I'm grateful they chose me as their photographer! <3

January 4, 2018

• i can't say i know
the burdens you bear
the struggles you face
or the fights you have fought
in learning to love yourself
i do not have the answers
the solutions
or remedies
you may be searching for
but i do have something
and though it's just one thing
i will give y...

September 6, 2017

Congratulations to this beautiful couple <3

August 17, 2017

• i never want to stop

making memories with you •

~ pierre jeanty

July 26, 2017

• she knew

she loved him

when "home"

went from

being a place

to being

a person •

~ e. leventhal

July 24, 2017

• i still haven't

figured out how

to sit across from you,

and not be madly in love,

with everything

you do •

~william c. hannan

July 7, 2017

• oh sweet adventurer

please last forever

and keep my heart wild too •

~ ava

These two <3

July 1, 2017

• i choose you

and i'll choose you

over and over

and over

without a pause

without a doubt

in a heartbeat

i'll keep choosing

you •

Love is such beautiful thing. I was so happy to document these two high school sweetheart's precious day <3

June 29, 2017

• out of all the

"how we met's

i've had to tell

ours will always

be my favorite •

tyler kent white

May 10, 2017

I love this couple so much and am so honored I got to be their wedding photographer. The had such a cute intimate celebration in their own home! I love it <3

Thank you for choosing me to capture this beautiful day and to tell your story. I love you Jim and Tami, and con...

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